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Undergraduate Courses

EDCI 27000 - Introduction To Educational Technology And Computing

Course Description: Addresses fundamentals of educational technology, including the integration of instructional design, media, computers and related technologies within the classroom setting. MTWRF, 1:00-2:50, plus distance hours, 6/16-7/11. Credit Hours: 3.00

Graduate Classes

EDCI 56000 - Educational Technology For Teaching And Learning

Course Description: Educational/training application of instructional technology, including computers, media, and instructional design. Stresses knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to implement and manage technology in instructional environments. Two sections: 6/9-6/13 or  7/14-7/18; 8:00-noon, 12:30-5:20, MTWRFCredit Hours: 3.00

EDCI 58500 - Muticultural Education

Course Description: Concepts and theories of ethnicity and cultural pluralism: implications for educational change. Examination of value systems and cultural characteristics of various ethnic groups, different ethnic learning styles, ethnically pluralistic curriculum content and instructional materials, and conceptual curriculum design strategies for implementing multicultural education. Two sections: 5/19-6/27, TR, 1:00-2:50 p.m. plus distance hours; or 6/9-7/3; MTRF, 3-5:30; Credit Hours: 3.00

EDCI 61500 - Qualitative Research Methods In Education

Course Description: Focuses on expanding graduate students' research skills to include knowledge of the theories and methods associated with qualitative and qualitative-quantitative combined research. Prerequisite: EDPS 53300. Two sections: 5/19-6/27, TR, 1:00-2:50 p.m. plus distance hours; or 6/9-7/3; MTRF, 3-5:30; Credit Hours: 3.00

EDCI 61600 - Advanced Qualitative Research Methods In Education

Course Description: This course focuses on expanding students' foundation level knowledge of qualitative research in the areas of theories, methods, analysis and interpretation, and presentation. Prerequisite: EDCI 61500 1:00-4:50, 7/14-8/8, TWR; Credit Hours: 3.00

EDCI 62700 - PBL in Math/Science Classroom

Course Description: A critical analysis of problems, trends, issues, and programs related to the area of educational technology. Prerequisite: EDCI 51300 9:00-12:30
and 1:30-3:30, 6/9-6/20, MTWRF, instructor permission required
( Credit Hours: 3.00

EDPS 53000 - Advanced Educational Psychology

Course Description: : Theories of learning and development, research on instruction and learning, and principles of measurement applied to educational problems.

7/8-7/26 – LEC: 9-12:50 MTWR. Credit hours: 3.0

EDPS 54000 - Gifted, Creative And Talented Children

Course Description: Introduction to intellectual, social, and emotional characteristics of gifted youth. Philosophy of gifted education. Multi-talent concept of giftedness: intellectual, academic, creative, artistic, and leadership. Criteria for selecting instructional materials and methods. Designing learning experiences for the gifted. Distance, 7/8-8/2 Credit Hours: 3.00

EDPS 54500 - Social And Affective Development Of Gifted Students

Course Description: Study of the affective and psychosocial development of gifted students. Emphasis is on developmental influences on academic performance. Introduction to appropriate educational and counseling interventions for gifted students.

6/10-6/28 – LEC: 8:30-11:30 MTWRF – 7/8-8/2 DIS – Arrange hours

EDPS 59100 - Introduction to Statistical Reasoning in Education Research I (On-Line)

Course Description: This course is designed to provide an overview of introductory statistics in education. The topics to be covered in this course include data collection and description, normal distributions, sampling distributions, methods of statistical estimation and inference to compare means, correlation, and chi-square test.

5/13-6/21 Credit hours: 3.0

EDPS 59100 - Introduction to Statistical Reasoning in Education Research II (Online course)

Course Description:This course is designed to provide an overview of introductory inferential statistical analyses in education. The topics to be covered in this course include simple and multiple linear regression, different types of group comparison methods (including n-way ANOVA, ANCOVA, repeated-measures ANOVA, and mixed ANOVA)

6/24-8/2 Credit hours: 3.0

EDPS/EDST 59100 – Seminar in STEM Education

Course Description: An examination of current problems, issues, research, and practice related to the teaching of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects in rural school settings.

7/8-8/2 – LEC: 8-10:50 TWRF – Credit hours – 3.0

EDPS 62400 – Advanced Off-Site Counseling Practicum and Supervision Theory

Course Description: Supervised use of personal and/or career counseling and assessment applied to complex and difficult client situations. Critical analysis of counseling supervision theories.

5/13-7/30 – LEC: 5:30 – 6:35 R – CLN: Arrange 8 hours offsite

EDPS 63300 – Seminar in Educational Psychology

Course Description: Recent investigations and research in educational psychology. One topic is dealt with in each enrollment. The topics provide an in-depth study of those areas of psychological investigation in educational settings and problems. These areas include: (1) instructional technology and design; (20 Individual differences and educational growth; (3) school learning: theory and research; (4) classroom behavior and social processes; (5) educational assessment; and (6) other relevant topics.

5/13-5/17, LEC: 10:00-11:00, MTWRF, Credit hours: 3.0 – IND – 5/12-5/17 – arrange 10 hours.

EDPS 69600 – Internship in Counseling Psychology

Course Description: A special course in the practice activities of counseling psychology. Provides field experience under the supervision of a licensed psychologist.

6/10-7/30, RES – Arrange hours. Credit hours: 1-18