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Undergraduate Learning:

Undergraduate Programs in the College of Education

The College of Education has three undergraduate programs: elementary education, special education, and social studies education. Together these programs enroll approximately 1000 students, all of whom are seeking to become licensed teachers.

Teacher Education Programs

In addition, Purdue University offers teacher education programs through other colleges across campus. Program standards, curricula, and licensure are in accord with regulations promulgated by the Indiana Professional Standards Board (IPSB) and authorized by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

Study Abroad

Students gain understanding and skills while acquiring credit towards their degrees by taking part in a study abroad program. The College of Education offers enriching and rewarding study abroad programs in Honduras, Jamaica, Netherlands, Russia, and South America. Education students collaborate with educators and work with students from these countries while immersed in the native culture. For more information visit the COE Study Abroad page.

Student Ambassadors

College of Education Ambassadors serve as mentors and guides for current and prospective students, as well as participants at College of Education activities and alumni events.

Undergraduate Student Organizations

Academic Services :

Support Services for Teacher Education Programs
Teacher education programs are supported by staff in several academic services offices. The staff of the Office of Advising and Recruiting coordinates teacher education advising and advise COE undergraduates. The Director of Diversity coordinates efforts to recruit and retain a diverse student body. Staff in the Office of Field Experiences build partnerships with schools and handle the contractual agreements with schools related to early field experiences and student teaching. The staff of the Office of Professional Preparation and Licensure monitors student progress through teacher education programs and recommend program completers for licensure in the State of Indiana. The Director of the Office of Strategic Assessment assists with all aspects of teacher education program assessment and accreditation. The staff of the Office of Graduate Studies assists students who are enrolled in graduate teacher education programs, or the transition to teaching program, with admission, enrollment, and graduate procedures.

Graduate Learning:

Graduate Programs
The College of Education has two departments: The Department of Educational Studies and the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Each department provides both Masters and Doctoral degrees. In addition, each department offers several graduate specializations. Students normally select both a department and a specialization when seeking a graduate degree. COE graduate programs are administered by the departments with the assistance of the COE Graduate Studies Office. Some graduate programs lead to a professional license; others prepare students for scholarly careers in educational research. All COE graduate programs encourage cross-disciplinary work and build expertise in discovery, learning, and engagement. The graduate organizations offered by each department are linked below:

Graduate Student Organizations