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College of Education Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee shall receive information and recommendations from the departmental committees and then report to the college faculty any changes in the undergraduate and graduate programs, curricula, articulation agreements with outside entities, course offerings, and degree requirements. Additional duties shall include addressing improvement of instruction, honors programs, general education policy, core requirements, admissions, retention, and graduation requirements. Curricular matters requiring a college level vote are handled by this committee.

2013 - 14 Members

Anne Knupfer, Chair, EDST
Susan Britsch, EDCI
John Hill, EDST
Anita Roychoudhury, EDCI
Mike Yough, At-Large

Ex officio Members

Teresa Taber Doughty, Associate Dean
Kathy Dietz, Director, Office of Graduate Studies
Jane Ann Dimitt, Director, Office of Academic Advising and Recruiting
Holly Fiock, Clerical Support