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Graduate Student Support Programs

Travel Support Programs

Dean's Graduate Student Travel Support


Partial support, up to $300, is available for College of Education graduate students who will be attending a regional, national, or international conference. College of Education funds are available to students who have authored or co-authored an accepted paper that will be presented at the conference; donor funds are available to any graduate students who wishes to attend a conference. This award is on a first-come, first-served basis, and students can only be awarded one per academic year. Applications are accepted at any time. Funds must be expended by May 31st.

Department Travel Grants

The Department of Curriculum & Instruction and the Department of Educational Studies offer travel grants to graduate students in their respective departments who will be attending a professional conference to present a paper. Contact your department for application information.

Purdue Graduate Student Government (PGSG) Travel Grants

PGSG Travel Grants assist Purdue University graduate students in attending technical conferences which in turn will help to develop graduate students professionally and augment the overall quality of research at Purdue. Grants are distributed among graduate students on a competitive basis. Competitions are held each fall and spring semester.

Other Monetary Support Programs

COE Dean's Graduate Student Support Program


The COE Dean's Graduate Student Support Program is designed to assist doctoral students, who are enrolled in graduate programs in the College of Education, in defraying the expenses of student-initiated research projects, including dissertation research. Funds may be used to purchase instruments, acquire or duplicate research materials, travel to research sites, or for other legitimate research-related expenses.  Please note: funds may not be used for salaries, to purchase food or beverages, to provide incentives for research participants, or to travel to conferences. Awards will be in form of an S&E account of up to $200. Applications may be submitted anytime; awards will be made on a first-come basis. Funds must be expended by May 31st.

Professional Development

The Graduate School offers a variety of professional development resources for graduate students including an print and web-based materials, workshops, and an online community. Some of these resources are linked below.

Assistance Services

Since 2009, the Graduate School has offered Peer Ombudsmen to assist graduate students with any issues or concerns related to graduate education where a peer perspective may be of help. In addition, Associate Dean Tom Atkinson serves as Ombudsman for the Graduate School and can assist graduate students on a range of issues and concerns related to graduate education. For more, see

In the College of Education, if you have a question about graduate education, you first point of contact should be your graduate faculty advisor and the Office of Graduate Studies. For further assistance, feel free to contact the head of your department or Associate Dean James Lehman, who serves as graduate student ombudsman for the College of Education.

For other graduate student services, see