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College of Education Faculty Affairs Committee

The Faculty Affairs Committee shall serve as a liaison between the faculty and the dean.  The committee shall be concerned with the collective and individual responsibilities, rights, privileges, opportunities and welfare of the faculty of the College.  General academic organization, interdepartmental research and education programs, faculty development and mentoring, tenure, procedures for academic promotion, academic responsibilities, faculty governance, and faculty compensation policies are topics which may be considered by the Faculty Affairs Committee.  Membership shall include broad representation from the clinical and tenure-track faculty of both departments. The elected chair of this committee must be a tenured professor.  The Faculty Affairs Committee shall meet at least once a semester with the dean and/or his/her designee.

2013 - 14 Members

Signe Kastberg, Chair, EDCI
JoAnn Phillion, EDCI
Carole Pistole, EDST
Dan Shepardson, At-Large
Aman Yadav, EDST

Ex Officio Member

James Lehman