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Welcome to the Office of Advising and Recruiting

The Office of Advising & Recruiting welcomes you to take advantage of our services so we can assist you with your academic career. We assist current and prospective College of Education students by providing quality advising about College of Education programs and referrals to additional academic, personal, and career counseling, as needed. Our primary purpose is to assist students in accomplishing their academic and lifelong learning goals.

A team of professional academic advisors work with students, faculty, staff, departments, and administration to maintain and improve the quality of education in the College of Education and Purdue University, as a whole. As advisors, we are committed to supporting each student in developing and implementing an individualized plan for academic success and career development.


Office of Advising & Recruiting

Beering Hall, Room 3229
Purdue University
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West Lafayette, IN 47907-2098

Voice: (765) 494-2345
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