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Want to CODO?

Informational Meetings

Any current Purdue student wanting information about the College of Education's three majors (elementary education, social studies education, and special education) or interested in changing his/her degree objective (CODOing), must sign up to attend one of the informational meetings listed below. Sign up sheets are in the Office of Advising & Recruiting in Beering Hall of Liberal Arts and Education, room 3216.

The CODO Information Meeting you attend is considered your first appointment with an academic advisor. After this initial meeting, you will be able to make individual appointments with an advisor and attend walk-in hours. Please bring an academic transcript to the meeting.

Informational meetings are held periodically throughout the fall and spring semesters. If you are not able to attend one of the meetings listed below for this semester, you may make an individual appointment with an academic advisor after December 12, 2014, or attend a meeting during the next semester. Individual meetings are also scheduled on dates when classes are not in session. Next semester meeting dates will be posted at a later date.

Fall 2014: Elementary Education

August 22 Friday 8:30 AM
August 27 Wednesday 1:30 PM
September 2 Tuesday 8:30 AM
September 12 Friday 1:30 PM
September 16 Tuesday 3:30 PM
September 22 Monday 9:30 AM
October 2 Thursday 3:30 PM
October 6 Monday 10:30 AM
October 16 Thursday 2:30 PM
October 21 Tuesday 10:30 AM
October 27 Monday 1:30 PM
November 7 Friday 9:30 AM
November 12 Wednesday 2:30 PM
November 20 Thursday 10:30 AM
December 5 Friday 8:30 AM
December 10 Wednesday 3:30 PM

Fall 2014: Social Studies Education

August 22 Friday 9:30 AM
August 29 Friday 10:30 AM
September 4 Thursday 9:30 AM
September 10 Wednesday 1:30 PM
September 18 Thursday 3:30 PM
September 23 Tuesday 8:30 AM
September 29 Monday 1:30 PM
October 3 Friday 2:30 PM
October 9 Thursday 9:30 AM
October 15 Wednesday 2:30 PM
October 24 Friday 8:30 AM
October 28 Tuesday 10:30 AM
November 5 Wednesday 3:30 PM
November 17 Monday 10:30 AM
December 2 Tuesday 2:30 PM
December 8 Monday 3:30 PM

Fall 2014: Special Education

August 22 Friday 10:30 AM
August 25 Monday 9:30 AM
September 3 Wednesday 3:30 PM
September 11 Thursday 1:30 PM
September 19 Friday 8:30 AM
September 26 Friday 3:30 PM
October 1 Wednesday 2:30 PM
October 7 Tuesday 10:30 AM
October 23 Thursday 9:30 AM
October 29 Wednesday 1:30 PM
November 3 Monday 8:30 AM
November 13 Thursday 10:30 AM
November 18 Tuesday 2:30 PM
December 1 Monday 3:30 PM
December 12 Friday 9:30 AM

Fall 2014: General Education

By Appointment


Change of Curricula:
CODO-IN Requirements

Major Program:

Elementary Education
General Education
Special Education

Minimum Semesters: 1
Minimum Hours: 12
Minimum GPA: 2.80
Major Program: Social Studies Education
Minimum Semesters: 1
Minimum Hours: 12
Minimum GPA: 3.00
Course Requirements:

Have completed or be currently enrolled in ENGLISH composition requirement with a grade of "C-" or higher.

Have completed 2 years of high school foreign language or 1 year of college foreign language.

Have completed, or be currently enrolled in, at least 12 credit hours at Purdue, of which 6 credit hours must be Education courses: EDCI, EDPS or EDST.

General Requirements:(All Education Majors)

Have attended a College of Education Informational Meeting within the last 12 months.

Have a "B" average with no grade lower than a "C-" in education couses.                                                                                       

Have submitted an Application to CODO, 500 Word Essay, and Resume to the Office of Advising and Recruiting by the 10th week of the current semester.

Testing Requirements:(Elementary, Social Studies, Special Education Majors)

CASA scores submitted by the Educational Testing Service to the Office of Professional Preparation and Licensure (minimum score requirements: READING - 220, WRITING - 220, MATHEMATICS - 220).

Contact Information:

Office of Advising & Recruiting
BRNG 3216
College of Education

Note: Students meeting all CODO requirements after the 10th week of the current semester or by the start of the first week of the next Fall, Spring or Summer Term may contact the Office of Advising & Recruiting to see if program space is available. If space is available, CODO papers will be processed for the current term.