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Academic Record Change (Registrar Form 350)

Authorization of Graduate Credit

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This is for undergraduates classified as a 7, 8 or 9 who wish to enroll in a 500 level course.  Exceptional senior undergraduate students may be allowed to register for a 600 level course if they meet the following conditions:

  1. The student has a cumulative index of at least 3.2 or has been admitted graduate program for a subsequent session; and
  2. The student's semester load is no more than 16 hours with the inclusion of one 600-level course.
  3. Graduate School approval is required if the requested 600-level course is not offered in a subject field administered by the academic college in which the student is enrolled.  The Course Request (Registrar's Form 23) should contain a brief justification in the "comments" section and should bear the additional signature of the course instructor.

A grade of A or B must be received in order to receive graduate credit.  Credit earned on a pass/not pass basis is not acceptable in graduate programs.  The student should submit the Registrar Form 350 "Academic Record Change" to the instructor at the beginning of the academic session indicating intent to earn graduate credit.  The instructor should submit the Registrar Form 350 "Academic Record Change" to the Office of the Registrar, Room 55, Hovde Hall, with the course grades at the end of the session indicating successful completion at the graduate level. 

The course will be posted to the student's transcript as available for graduate credit after the student's degree is posted.

Authorization of Graduate Credit requires approval by the Instructor, Dean, and Head of student's college or College Candidate Coordinator.

(Office of the Registrar's Policy)


Completion/Failure to Complete (I, PI, or SI)

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The instructor may establish the time interval during which the student must complete the remaining work in the course.  This time interval may not exceed the twelfth week of the student's second subsequent semester of enrollment. 

When the student has completed the work, the instructor should submit the Registrar Form 350 "Academic Record Change" to the Office of the Registrar, Room 55, Hovde Hall.  On the form the instructor should indicate the permanent grade the student should receive.

If the original grade was I, then a "completion" grade of A, B, C, D or F must be recorded.  If the original grade was PI, then a "completion" grade of P or IN must be recorded.  If the original grade was SI, then a "completion" grade of S or IU must be recorded.  If the student fails to complete the work within the specified time interval, the instructor must assign a "failure to complete failing" grade of IF.

If a permanent grade has not been assigned by the instructor for an incomplete grade at the end of the twelfth week for the student's second subsequent semester of enrollment or if the student is not enrolled in the course at the time, a failing grade of IF, IN or IU, as appropriate, will be added to the record.

The original incomplete grade will remain on the student's transcript and the newly assigned grade will be added to the student's transcript.

If the student is not enrolled for a period of three years following the semester in which the incomplete is given, then the incomplete grade will be permanent.  The grade will not revert to a failing grade, nor will the student be able to earn credit for the course by completing the work.

Completion/Failure to Complete requires approval by the instructor.

(Office of the Registrar's Policy)


Grade Correction

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To correct an erroneous grade, the instructor must state the nature of the error in assigning the original grade, indicate the old and new grades, and sign the form.  The department head must approve the correction.  This is not to be used to make a retroactive "drop" from a course.  Any correction of grade should be reported to the registrar within 30 days after the start of the regular semester (not including summer session) following the session in which the erroneous grade was reported.  A correction reported after this time can only be accepted if it is the result of a formal grade appeal or if accompanied by the instructor's explanation for the delay in reporting the error which has been approved by the department head.  A student may not do additional work after the conclusion of the session to raise a grade unless the original grade assigned was an "E".

(Office of the Registrar Policy)