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The College of Education at Purdue University in Indiana began over 100 years ago when the first professor of education was hired. The mission then was to prepare teachers with rich content knowledge and strong instruction skills.

Our mission now is still to prepare outstanding teachers but it has evolved. We are now the hub of teacher education at Purdue University. Undergraduate teacher education majors are dispersed across six colleges. We coordinate the real-world experiences of each student while our colleagues coordinate the content, or subject, knowledge. This collaboration ensures that all Purdue teacher education graduates receive the absolute best training that will help them stand out in their search for a job. Learn more about becoming a teacher.

Interwoven with our commitment to teacher preparation is our commitment to exceptional graduate programs, meaningful research and invigorating engagement. Our faculty and graduate students are discovering new ways to enhance learning and are implementing these methods in schools. The 2016 U.S. News & World Report's rankings of the nation's top graduate schools ranked our programs 42nd out of 255 schools surveyed. Learn more about our master’s and PhD programs.

Through our outstanding teacher preparation, scientific discovery in the field of education and partnerships—locally and beyond—we are launching the future.

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