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Greetings and welcome to the international page of Purdue's College of Education.

In our newly emerging modern world internationalization stakes a place at the core of all understanding and competency. Globally, economic, cultural, and political forces come together in ways that radically change our modern reality in every part of the world. These changes insist that our minutest skills and development demand networks of interconnectivity, association, and affiliation across national borders.

Today, modern youth everywhere are compelled to know and engage a wide range of complex experiences, images, and practices from around the world; for, it is from such a set of international relations that their more significant needs, interests, and desires take shape.

These changes move us to reconsider our boundaries of curriculum and learning practice; to move our subject matter and specialization beyond an exclusive mainstream emphasis.

Our mission is to produce a strong set of international programs in service, learning, and research that advances our College of Education and the best features of a global society.

We hope your interest in these pages will spark an enthusiasm that leads you to be a strong participant in our many international programs.

Assistant Dean for International Programs
College of Education, Purdue University
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