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Sidney Moon Announces Retirement


Sidney Moon, Associate Dean for Learning and Engagement, will be retiring from the College of Education this Spring.   Described by her colleagues as "highly creative, nurturing, and innovative," her contributions to the college and Purdue have been inestimable.

Sidney is a College of Education alumna (MA'87, PhD'91) and her name has been affiliated with the college's gifted and creative studies program for her entire career with Purdue.  Perhaps her most visible contribution is her leadership of the Gifted Education Resource Institute (GERI).  GERI, founded by Sidney's major professor and mentor, John Feldhusen, is known worldwide for its enrichment programs that help high-ability children explore and develop their talents. Sidney assumed leadership of GERI upon Feldhusen's retirement.  GERI programs like Super Saturday and the Super Summer camp flourished under her guidance.

In 2013 the National Association for Gifted Children recognized Sidney's passion and commitment for addressing the needs of high-ability students and their families with the Distinguished Service Award.

When Sidney moved into administration, she was succeeded as GERI director by Marcia Gentry, professor of gifted, creative, and talented studies.  She describes Sidney as "A Boilermaker through and through. Everyone in our field of gifted education respects Sidney, her work, her thoughtfulness, and her devotion to the field.  She is a model for young scholars, always willing to become involved in new initiatives and to take the time to mentor a new graduate student or assistant professor.  Her advice is honest, sage, and always given with her mentee's best interest in mind. Sidney is a generous scholar, thoughtful and kind, honest and nurturing, genuine and selfless."

In the administrative phase of her extraordinary career, Sidney led the college through an intensive and successful accreditation process, guided the development of two college strategic plans and organized the new Department of Academic Services which saved resources and increased synergies and cooperation.

Assistant Dean for Engagement, Dorothy Reed, said that working with Sidney has been one of the best experiences she has had in her career.  "Sidney is a visionary who looks at the big picture and sees what impact plans may have.  She also is a master at bringing groups together and getting the best out of everyone.  She conducts meetings by listening intently, refining ideas, and helping to merge the concepts being expressed by individuals into one shared idea."

T.J. Oakes, Assistant Dean for Teacher Education and Office of Professional Preparation and Licensure Director, added, "She is wonderfully creative at pulling together disparate pieces and making something good happen. When she led our accreditation review, she helped us pinpoint weaknesses and develop a specific, practical plan to improve.  We subsequently passed both the state and NCATE reviews with flying colors.  They could find no additional areas for improvement ...that is very rare!"

Dean Maryann Santos commented, "We will all miss Sidney's collaborative style, wise counsel, kind nature, superior ability, and friendship.  The college can no longer contain her quest to explore the wider world."

The college will host a reception for Sidney Moon in the Purdue Memorial Union Anniversary Drawing Room on May 1, 3:30 to 5 PM.