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2014 Teacher Recruitment Day brought over 150 recruiters to campus

Teacher Recruitment Day

Career Opportunities Abound at the Annual Teacher Recruitment Day

Fifty-five school corporations brought over 150 recruiters to meet Purdue’s teacher education graduates on April 29th at the Annual Teacher Recruitment Day sponsored by the Center for Career Opportunities, Teacher Education, and Conferences.  Most school corporations had multiple positions to fill, and they came from as far away as Charles County, Maryland.  They were looking to fill openings in elementary education, special education as well as all secondary education subject areas.  However, one of the common themes heard at the recruitment tables was that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) subject areas were particularly in demand.

Another common theme was that they travelled to Purdue to find a special kind of teacher, or as Dr. Shenia Suggs tweeted, “Wayne Township meeting the best and brightest”

Students who were very particular about where they wanted to work limited their interviews to specific geographic areas.  Elementary Education major Aubrey Yager said, “I have five interviews today all in the Indianapolis area.”  Others like Elementary Education major Chelsea Anders, kept their options open with eight interviews scheduled. “I hope to stay around Lafayette, although an interview with a charter school in Gary surprised me and seemed very interesting. The employers are all very friendly and approachable, this is a great place to practice interviewing and learn more about all the different kinds of schools,” she said.