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Career Guidance Offered to High School Students this Summer at the Purdue Counseling and Guidance Center

Career Guidance Offered to High School Students this Summer at the Purdue Counseling and Guidance Center

Some people know from childhood what they want to be when they grow up. But according to Eric Deemer, Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology in Purdue’s
College of Education, “That’s actually very rare!  Most teenagers have yet to learn what they are really good at, and what careers would be best for their own skill set.”

Luckily, there is a faster way to find out than waiting for inspiration to strike. 

A scientific assessment known as the Strong Interest Inventory is used by career and guidance counsellors to help individuals of all ages identify their own strengths, weaknesses, and career interests. It is a highly complex instrument that must be interpreted by professionals.  However, it has been shown to be very effective in helping individuals find their path.   

“When you find a direction that is a good fit with your interests, natural abilities, and personality, you are likely to be more satisfied,” says Deemer.

This summer doctoral students in Purdue's counseling psychology program will be offering this career assessment service to local high school sophomores, juniors and seniors from June 16 to Aug. 8. The cost of $100 will cover the price of the assessment and three to four highly personalized counselling sessions.

Career assessments will take place at Purdue's Counseling and Guidance Center, which is in Beering Hall.  Doctoral students will serve as clinicians under the supervision of a faculty member who is a licensed psychologist.

The process will include:

* A structured, career-related interview that will take place during the first session.

* Five career instruments, which will be completed in one to two sessions. The instruments will assess students’ career interests, career skills confidence, career values, career decision-making tendencies and lifestyle preferences.

* A wrap-up session in which clinicians will provide feedback and a written report to the students and their parents.

Sessions will vary in length. The first and last sessions will last about an hour and the career instruments session will be longer.

Parents can sign up their teens by calling the Counseling and Guidance Center at 765-494-9738. The student's name, age and year in school as of fall 2014 are required, as well as their parents' names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Interested families are encouraged to call now to reserve a space for the summer, as spaces are limited. The assessment fee, ­paid via cash or check, will be required at the first session.

For more information call:

Contact: Laura Wright at 765-494-9738, email:  Or

Eric Deemer at 765-494-6420, email

PCGC website:

Writer: Mike Davids, Director of Communications, College of Education