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Holmes Scholars Program at Purdue University

AACTE Holmes Scholar

LaMarcus Hall

The AACTE Holmes Scholars Program was established to create equity, diversity and cultural competence in programs of higher education and P-12 schools. Scholars will serve a two year term and benefit from the program through marketability, networking, receiving national exposure and financial assistance. Holmes Scholars are in a better position to receive job opportunities.

 Selection Criteria

  1. Successful completion of at least one semester in a College of Education doctoral program;
  1. Express a commitment to equity and diversity within the application essay;
  1. Agree to work in school/university/community/business collaborative partnership arrangements;
  1. Engage in Teacher Education;
  2. Selected by Teacher Education Diversity Committee;

Application Requirements

  1. Submit curriculum vita;    
  2. Submit 1-2 page statement indicating a)professional goals; b)commitment to education practice and improvement and c) research agenda regarding equity and diversity; 
  3. Letter of nomination from a faculty member;
  4. GPA - 3.5 or higher;

Scholar Benefits within the College of Education  

  1. Priority consideration for a graduate assistantship;
  1. Stipend for books, tuition or other professional expenses;
  1. Financial support to attend the AACTE Annual Meeting and Holmes Conference;

  2. Engagement in cultural events and/or training experiences: i.e. Diversity Initiatives Office/Cultural Centers/West Lafayette Communities; 

 Scholar Expectations

  1. Attend the AACTE Annual Meeting and Holmes Scholars Conference;

  2. Encourage attendance to one other education conference such as, American Educational Research Association (AERA), the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE), National Association for Research in Science Reading (NARSR), or other discipline focused conference;

  3. Submit one publication while a scholar;

  4. Assist with summer camp through the Diversity Initiatives Office;

  5. Assist with recruitment of future AACTE Holmes Scholars;

  6. Assist with recruiting both graduate and undergraduate students, as needed;