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Diversity in Teacher Education Programs

COE is committed to a core set of values that are reflected in a culture that promotes development of personal and professional integrity and engagement for the benefit of our society. As an academic community, the faculty and staff of COE values:

  • The Pursuit of excellence in discovery, learning, and engagement
  • Respect for the individual and divergent perspectives that challenge us
  • Diversity in all of its manifestations
  • Creativity in thought and action
  • The entrepreneurial spirit
  • Collaboration

To further the mission of diversity in the College of Education, COE has a primary goal that:

Encourages and supports an environment which represents and values diversity defined in accordance with NCATE Professional Standard 4 as differences among groups of people and individuals based on ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, gender, exceptionalities, language, religion, sexual orientation, and geographical area.

One overarching goal is associated with increasing the enrollment of diverse teacher candidates at Purdue University and their subsequent placement in teaching positions throughout Indiana and across the nation. The success of this objective is encapsulated in our strategic planning for developing, implementing, and supporting initiatives designed to enhance the climate related to diversity for students, faculty and staff.

Action items designed to bolster this goal are:

  • To recruit and retain a high quality diverse student population in the teacher education programs at Purdue University.
  • To increase the level of multicultural awareness and knowledge for students, faculty and staff on issues pervading our global community.
  • To establish a statewide network that identifies Purdue's teacher education as the premiere institution for prospective diverse teacher candidates.


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