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Diversity Office

The objectives of Diversity Office are to recruit and retain high quality, diverse student population in teacher education programs at Purdue University. For more information visit the Office of Diversity.

Office of Advising & Recruiting

The Office of Advising & Recruiting assists current and prospective College of Education students by providing advising about College of Education programs and providing referral to additional academic, personal, and career counseling as needed. The primary purpose is to assist students in accomplishing their academic and lifelong learning goals. For more information visit the  Advising & Recruiting WebSite .

Office of Field Experiences

The Office of Field Experiences coordinates early field experiences and student teaching placements for all students in Purdue University's various Teacher Education programs. We work closely with our partners in school corporations throughout the state of Indiana to ensure successful and rewarding placements for each and every one of our students. For more information visit the Field Experiences WebSite .

Office of Graduate Studies

The Office of Graduate Studies mission is to provide exceptional service to faculty, staff and students by being informative, knowledgeable and organized. Their goal is to recruit highly qualified students and to make their graduate program in the College of Education a rewarding and successful experience. For more information visit the  Graduate Studies WebSite.

Office of Professional Preparation & Licensure

The Office of Professional Preparation & Licensure (OPPL) goals are to provide friendly, knowledgeable and expedient services to all individuals who request assistance and information about teacher education at Purdue University. OPPL supports the Purdue University Teacher Education Council and accreditation activities by assisting prospective students, current students, faculty, staff, alumni, and P-12 educators with teacher preparation, licensure and continuing education needs. For more information visit the Office of Professional Preparation & Licensure WebSite.

Study Abroad

Gain understanding and skills while acquiring credit towards your degree by taking part in a study abroad program. The College of Education offers enriching and rewarding study abroad programs in Honduras, Jamaica, Netherlands, Russia, and South America. Collaborate with educators and students from these countries while immersed in their culture. Check out all of the great opportunities that await you!