Graduate Programs in Top 13%

We are proud to announce that our graduate programs are ranked 50th nationally by the U.S. News and World Report 2021 Best Education Schools. This puts our programs in the top 13% out of the 393 schools that were ranked.

graduate programs in top 13 percent

The rankings are based on:

  • peer assessment scores
  • educational professionals assessment scores
  • acceptance rates
  • mean verbal and quantitative GRE scores
  • student/faculty ratio
  • percentage of faculty with awards
  • doctoral degrees granted
  • total research expenditures
  • average expenditures per faculty member

Learn more about the methodology.

Additionally, our curriculum and instruction program is now highly ranked at 35th in the nation.

See our complete profile and learn more about how we compare with other education schools/colleges. Congratulations to our hard-working faculty and staff!