CAEP Accountability Measures

CAEP (Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation) requires four accountability measures which are used to provide information on program outcome and program impact. Below are the four reporting measures for our programs for the 2020-21 academic year with links to data tables that provide supporting evidence for each measure, including the IDOE reports.

Principals surveyed by the Indiana Department of Education in 2021 provided feedback on first and second year Purdue College of Education initial licensure alumni. They found Purdue graduates to be prepared in their knowledge of content and pedagogy and prepared with appropriate professional dispositions.

  • Hiring principals agree that our graduates impact P12 learning growth and display the professional knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary for their profession. They:
    • Understand how students learn
    • Meet expectations for content preparation and knowledge
    • Adhere to the legal and ethical requirements of the teaching profession

Graduates surveyed by the Indiana Department of Education in 2021 represent the classes of 2018, 2019 and 2020 who are employed throughout Indiana schools. Graduates stressed the effectiveness of early Purdue’s field experiences and the strength of their preparation.

  • 93%+ of Initial Licensure Program Graduates are satisfied with the training they received at Purdue, including the following areas:

The Indiana Department of Education provides an annual report of teacher performance as evaluated by their building leaders. The report reflects performance by teachers within their first three years based on evaluations conducted in 2019-2020.

  • 98% of Purdue graduates who are teachers with 1-3 years of experience achieved a “highly effective” or “effective” rating.
  • The Indiana Department of Education defines a Highly Effective teacher as one that consistently exceeds expectations and demonstrates “competencies reasonably believed to be highly correlated with positive student learning outcomes” (IDOE Rise Handbook).
  • The Indiana Department of Education defines an Effective Teacher as one that consistently meets expectations and “competencies reasonably believe to be highly correlated with positive student learning outcomes”. (IDOE Rise Handbook).
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Principals surveyed by the Indiana Department of Education in 2021 provided feedback on first and second year Purdue College of Education initial licensure alumni. Data for graduates of CAEP Advanced licensure programs are not available from the Indiana Department of Education. Purdue College of Education will conduct its own analysis of these candidates during 2022.

Title II Section 207 of the Higher Education Act (HEA) requires states, as recipients of HEA funds, and all institutions with teacher preparation programs that enroll students receiving federal financial assistance, to prepare annual reports on teacher preparation and licensing. These reports, available for traditional and alternative programs resulting in initial licensure, detail the enrollment and completion of our candidates.

Purdue graduates exceed the mean scores required for their licensure exams across program areas. 2020-21 Licensure test scores by program provides results for completers for each initial and advanced Purdue licensure program.

Measures of competency at completion include demonstrated mastery of planning, teaching and assessment for all initial program candidates, demonstration of unique program competencies for all advanced candidates, and demonstration of professional dispositions for all candidates.

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Purdue University’s Center for Career Opportunities assist us in identifying employment information for graduates.

In 2020, 99% of our undergraduate students were employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation. Candidates in our Advanced Programs are primarily educators and administrators already working in educational settings who are returning for additional training and licensure. Our 2020-2021 alumni focus groups measured their success in using new skills in their positions and in positioning themselves for promotion or new positions as a result of their new skills. These reports are still in pilot phase and additional details will be provided in 2022.

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