Licensure and Candidate Competencies at Completion

Summary Pass Rates- Initial Licensure Programs

GroupTests TakenTests PassedPass Rate (%)State Pass Rate (%)
Program Completers 2020-211941779181
Program Completers 2019-20202432289486
Program Completers, 2018-191871829790

Summary Pass Rates – Advanced Licensure Programs

Education Administration LicensureNumber taking
Number passing
Pass rate
Program Completers, 2019-20272489%
Program Completers, 2018-19171482%
Program Completers, 2017-182929100%
Add on Licensure ProgramsNumber taking
Number passing
Pass rate
Program Completers, 2019-203939100%
Program Completers, 2018-193939100%
Program Completers, 2017-183232100%

View Program Specific Licensure Data for All Advanced Programs

Summary Pass Rates – Alternative Programs for Initial Licensure (Title II Report)

GroupNumber takingNumber passingPass rate (%)State Pass
Program Completers, 2020-2129279384
Program Completers, 2019-2033319490
Program completers, 2018-1945449893

In addition to our completers’ demonstrated ability to pass their various licensure exams, Purdue’s College of Education also requires a variety of measures of initial licensure educator preparation prior to graduation, aligned to the InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards. These assessments of planning, teaching, and assessment demonstrate that our completers are prepared educators with appropriate dispositions and sensitivity to the needs of diverse learners.

edTPA® is a performance-based, subject specific assessment used by teacher preparation programs across the United States. Candidates prepare a portfolio of lesson plans, teaching videos and assessments, along with written reflection and commentary about their experiences. The portfolio is evaluated externally and reports provide national comparative performance data. The performance of Purdue candidates mirrors their peers across the United States in skills associated with planning, teaching and assessment.

View the results of Purdue Teacher Education completers on edTPA 2020-21.

CPAST, the Candidate Preservice Assessment of Student Teaching, is a formative and summative assessment conducted during student teaching, administered nationally with oversight by The Ohio State University. CPAST is conducted with feedback from candidates, mentor teachers, and university supervisors in order to assist and evaluate our candidates in support of pedagogy, instructional delivery, assessment, analysis of teaching, professional dispositions, collaboration, and reflective practice. The performance of Purdue candidates demonstrates competency at completion of student teaching in the skills necessary for teaching success and impact on student learning.

Advanced Program candidates demonstrate a variety of competencies associated with the requirements of their specialty areas and in alignment with the skills deemed necessary for success by CAEP, including data literacy and analysis, research, integration of technology, attention to diverse learners, collaboration, and professional dispositions. A variety of assessment measures are utilized to ensure candidates possess the skills and knowledge necessary for success.

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