Academic Offices

Office of the Dean

As the college’s chief academic and administrative officer, the Dean provides vision and leadership to ensure the College’s learning and research activities are of the highest levels of excellence. The Dean works closely with the College’s associate and assistant deans, department heads, faculty, staff and student leaders to foster a culture of academic excellence and inclusiveness.

Office of Research, Graduate Programs and Faculty Development

This office provides support for and oversight of research, graduate programs and faculty development in the College of Education. The office serves as a liaison with the university’s Office of the Executive Vice President for Research and Partnerships (EVPRP), and administers internal research grant and support programs.

Office of Learning, Engagement and Global Initiatives

The Office of Learning, Engagement and Global Initiatives includes three key areas of responsibility. First, it is responsible for the coordination of teacher education at Purdue, which is distributed across six different colleges. This includes overseeing student academic support needs, like advising and recruiting, program development, accreditation, field experiences and licensure, for both undergraduate and graduate teacher education.

Office of Diversity Initiatives

The Office of Diversity Initiatives strives to: Build a community of diversity through support, unity and guidance within Teacher Education, Develop strategies that will recruit and retain underrepresented students in Teacher Education, Provide programming that will increase awareness of diversity and inclusion of all cultures through strategically planning, developing, implementing and supporting initiatives designed to enhance the climate related to diversity for students.

Office of Development

The staff members of the Office of Development at Purdue’s College of Education strive to build and strengthen relationships with alumni and stakeholders, strengthening these parties’ relationships with Purdue University and the College of Education.

Administrative Offices

Academic Services/Teacher Education Main Office

Office of Advising and Retention

Office of Business Operations

Office of Communications

Office of Clinical Practice

Office of Graduate Studies

Office of Information Technology

The Education Office of Information Technology is a small team of information technology professionals dedicated to empowering the science of Education through information technology. Our Mission: Build and sustain a highly efficient and effective core technology infrastructure in support of College of Education strategic goals.

Office of Teacher Education and Licensure

Our team is here to serve current and prospective undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, current educators, as well as faculty and staff. We serve as your licensing officer, advisor, liaison, and advocate between Purdue University, the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE), and other state and international licensure boards and agencies for the length of your career.

Office of Strategic Assessment and Accreditation