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In the BoilerMENTOR program, first-year students are connected with a peer mentor within the College of Education. The peer mentoring relationship includes a series of support initiatives to assist first-year students in completing their academic goals, from the identification of institutional support resources, joining a study group, attending campus activities. Students selected as BoilerMENTORs are leaders on campus and within our college. Their strong commitment to academics serves as a platform for where we desire our incoming students to reach. BoilerMENTORs schedule frequent meetings with their assigned mentees to discuss adjusting to college life, provide information on academic resources and serve as a bridge between incoming students and faculty/staff.

The BoilerMENTOR program is offered through the Division of Diversity and Inclusion

College of Education BoilerMENTORS

Joseline Aguilar BoilerMENTORJoseline Aguilar

Email: aguila19@purdue.edu
Major: Elementary Education/Special Education (Dual Major)
Year: Sophomore

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Tiffany Hairston BoilerMENTORTiffany Hairston

Email: Thairst@purdue.edu
Major: Elementary Education
Year: Sophomore

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Julie Kim BoilerMENTORJulie Kim

Email: kim2152@purdue.edu
Major: Elementary Education
Year: Sophomore

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Jeremy Mankins BoilerMENTORJeremy Mankins

Email: jmankins@purdue.edu
Major: Social Studies Education
Year: Sophomore

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For more information about the College of Education’s BoilerMENTOR program contact Shana Jones at shanajones@purdue.edu

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