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Dean Maryann Santos

person1My life’s work has been dedicated to attaining equality through education. I am committed to making quality education available to all of the children of all of the people.

It is a privilege to lead the College of Education at one of the most respected research institutions in the world where we have the resources to advance that goal.

What is my role as dean? I am a facilitator who provides the environment and resources for people to succeed. I encourage and foster an inclusive environment that enables faculty, staff and students to have their voices heard and work to their potential. I advocate for the college, for the professionals in the wide-ranging field of educational endeavors and for the people whom we serve.

Purdue’s College of Education is perfectly positioned to change the current culture of education and what we know about how students learn and thrive – and I am proud to be part of such important work.


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Maryann Santos
Dean, College of Education
Email: msdb@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-2336
Room: BRNG 6138

Rita Neidlinger
Administrative Assistant to the Dean
Email: rneidlin@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-2336
Room: BRNG 6138

Jennifer Jeffries
Senior Director of Strategic Communication and Programs
Email: jcjeffries@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-5329
Room: BRNG 6126