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Office of Engagement and Global Partnerships

As part of a large university and research one institution, Purdue’s College of Education has an obligation to forge partnerships and conduct research. The Office of Research, Engagement and Global Partnerships provides support to faculty in achieving those objectives.

In the area of engagement, this office provides oversight to college engagement activities including centers, projects, and other activities.

In the area of global partnerships, support includes oversight for study abroad and other types of international collaborations in research and engagement.


Associate Dean for Engagement and Global Partnerships

Image PlaceholderThe driving force for my work is to leverage research and engagement efforts in both local and global contexts to address opportunity gaps for students in PK-16 education. I implement this philosophy through the lens of integrated science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. Engaging learners, both children and adults, in academics through the context of solving real-world problems will enable the next generation to have access to high-quality, authentic learning environments leading to more equitable educational systems. Our College of Education faculty and students are leaders in STEM and social justice education and are paving the way for best practice and beyond.


Dorothy Reed
Assistant Dean for Engagement
Email: reed7@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-5572
Room: BRNG 3226B

Kathy Obenchain
Director of Study Abroad
Email: kobench@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-2372
Room: BRNG 4174

Karen George-Friedman
Grant Support Specialist
Email: kgfriedman@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-2359
Room: BRNG 3208

Emily Strudeman
Assistant to the Associate Deans
Email: estrudem@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-0019
Room: BRNG 6132