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Office of Learning, Engagement and Global Initiatives

The Office of Learning, Engagement and Global Initiatives includes three key areas of responsibility. First, it is responsible for the coordination of teacher education at Purdue, which is distributed across six different colleges. This includes overseeing student academic support needs, like advising and recruiting, program development, accreditation, field experiences and licensure, for both undergraduate and graduate teacher education. The office also provides s oversight for college engagement activities including centers and projects. This includes developing and sustaining relationships with schools, businesses, and other organizations devoted to developing human potential. Global initiatives is the third area for this office, reflecting Purdue’s commitment to international students, scholars, and partnerships. This includes support and oversight for study abroad programs and other international collaborations in research and engagement.

Associate Dean for Learning, Engagement and Global Initiatives

Kathy ObenchainStudent learning—whether it is that of our Purdue teacher education students or those in K-12 schools—is a primary mission of the College of Education. Our faculty are award-winning teachers and much of the research that is generated by these faculty is focused on improving teaching and learning. Our nationally-recognized teacher education programs provide field-based experiences designed to prepare beginning and experienced educators to be reflective professionals who can positively impact student learning. We see this as an important mission because, as historian Henry Adams wrote, “A teacher affects eternity, one can never tell where the influence stops.”


Kathryn Obenchain
Associate Dean for Learning, Engagement and Global Initiatives
Email: kobench@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-0019
Room: BRNG 6130

Dorothy Reed
Assistant Dean for Engagement
Email: reed7@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-5572
Room: BRNG 6148

Julie Correll
Assistant to the Associate Deans
Email: correllj@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-0019
Room: BRNG 6132