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Dean’s Fellow Program

Up to two faculty who have an interest in exploring leadership opportunities and university administration will be selected to work on a specific project that advances the goals of the College of Education’s strategic plan.

Program Overview

  • Opportunities to gain a general overview of the College including administrative processes such as academic planning, budgets, governance, strategic planning and/or implementation, research, student programs, etc.
  • Opportunities to participate in College-level discussions regarding challenges, opportunities, and initiatives.
  • Opportunities to work in areas of particular interest and expertise and contribute to the decision-making activities related to such areas.

Areas of Strategic Focus for the College (and a non-exhaustive list of possible ideas for initiatives)

  • Foster Research
    Possible ideas include research stewardship such as enhancing the intellectual climate of the College; oversight activities involving human research subjects, conflicts of interest, research integrity, and other related activities.
  • Strengthen programs
    Possible ideas include activities related to undergraduate student success aimed at enhancing retention and graduation; innovations in learning; online learning and technological enhancements; continuous improvement in gateway courses; student support services; and teacher education accreditation.
  • Build partnerships
    Possible ideas include distance learning as an area of engagement
  • Model inclusiveness
    Possible ideas include initiatives related to recruitment, diversity, and global initiatives
  • Enhance the workplace
    Possible ideas include a focus on College climate and culture as well as faculty development as it relates to faculty retention and success, promotion and tenure, and mid-career faculty issues, etc.

Eligibility and Application

Tenured faculty members in the Purdue University College of Education are eligible.

Interested faculty should submit a short proposal of 2-3 pages related to a priority area of the strategic plan. In most cases, selected faculty will receive a course release for one to two semesters, depending on the proposed project. The proposal also should identify the course for which the release is requested, a suggestion for how that course would be covered or rescheduled, and the signatures of the proper Program Convener and the Department Head verifying notification regarding the impacted course. Fellows also will attend regular meetings of the Leadership Team.