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Application Supplement

  • Send a Curriculum Vita with your supplemental application. Include: a section listing your experience with (a) research and statistics, including courses, (b) teaching, and (c) professional related activities (e.g., organizational leadership, social advocacy, community engagement).
  • Description of Previous Program.  Please print and fill out the description of previous program.
  • Please note your application to the Purdue Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program needs to include two essays: (a) The Graduate School 300-500 word Statement of Purpose, and (b) The Counseling Psychology 300-500 word Professional Statement.
    • For the Graduate School Admission Application Statement, the faculty are interested in an autobiographical essay written from a personal perspective.  As indicated on the graduate school website, this “statement of purpose should be 300-500 words concerning your purpose for undertaking or continuing graduate study, your reasons for wanting to study at Purdue, and your research interests, professional plans, and career goals. You also may explain any special circumstances applicable to your background and elaborate on your scholarly publications, awards, achievements, abilities, and/or professional history.”
    • In the Counseling Psychology Professional Statement, please provide a professional statement of 300-500 words and address why you are interested in Counseling Psychology and in our program specifically, including the faculty member(s) with whom you would prefer to work and why. Your essay should use 1 inch margins and 12-point font. Note: All items may not apply to all applicants.

Please email the Supplemental Application to:  education-gradoffice@purdue.edu.