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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in English Education

Students typically—though not exclusively—seek a Ph.D. in English Education as a means to a career in higher education. Graduates of our program are prepared to teach, conduct research, and/or serve in an upper-level administrative capacity at any institution of higher education, both teaching- and research-intensive. Doctoral students work with their faculty advisor to devise a plan of study that is tailored to their needs and interests. This plan includes approximately 60 credit hours beyond the Master’s degree, including coursework in language and literacy, research methodologies, and foundational principles of the College, such as social justice and culturally relevant pedagogies. All students are required to take a preliminary examination and complete a dissertation working under the direction of a committee of graduate faculty led by their advisor.

+ Curriculum and Instruction Foundations Core (15 credit hours)

+ Curriculum and Instruction Research Core (minimum of 12 credit hours)

+ Education Cluster Area (minimum of 12 credit hours)