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Literacy and Language Education


Are you interested in exploring contemporary issues in literacy and language teaching and learning?

Our literacy and language education program is ideal for K-12 teachers and prospective scholars who are interested in teaching, research and scholarship. The program uses a mixture of historical, quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

Students in our master’s program can choose between writing a research thesis or completing a portfolio that documents their growth as a teacher. At the doctoral level, students conduct original research to complete a dissertation.

Further, if you’re a teacher interested in English Language Learning, take a look at our ELL Licensure program and TELL certificate program, both for grades K-12.

Degree Options

Our Faculty

Faculty interests include applied linguistics, children’s and young adult literature, emergent literacy development, English language arts pedagogy, visual literacy, fluency, struggling readers, teacher and principal leadership for English Language Learners, literacy development and assessment in elementary and secondary school, multimodal discourse analysis, professional development systems in literacy education, second language development, teacher identity, reading as social and relational practice, preservice teacher reflection, literary and pedagogical theory, affective and pedagogical issues of practice and English Language Learning.

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