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Mathematics Education


The graduate program in mathematics education offers a vibrant and diverse community of faculty and graduate student scholars who conduct transformational research grounded in education theory and classroom practice. You will have opportunities to work with K-12 schools and in interdisciplinary settings at Purdue.

You can tailor the Ph.D. program specifically to your individual needs and interests. Research in mathematics education is not limited to teaching and learning. You can also explore global practices and teaching, or issues that surround the teaching of mathematics like curriculum, policy, or equity.

Many of the students who enter our program are elementary or mathematics teachers who are interested in taking on a new role in education, but K-12 teaching experience is not required. Many who find their passion in teaching and life-long learning find their place in our mathematics education graduate community.

Degree Options

Our Faculty

Our faculty are involved in a wide range of research activities and projects related to the field of mathematics education. See our list of faculty and see an overview of their research projects at the following links:
Faculty Research

+ Mathematics Education Faculty

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