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Master’s of Science (MSEd) in Curriculum and Instruction

with a focus in Mathematics Education

The Master’s program in C&I is an Online program that empowers teachers, administrators, and curriculum developers to ensure students of different learning abilities and cultural backgrounds reach their maximum learning potential in diverse classrooms. In this program, graduate students choose a concentration area that fits their teaching or curriculum interests. We invite you to consider the Mathematics Education concentration area.

Our mathematics education masters courses emphasize the development of deeper mathematical understandings, sophisticated mathematics pedagogy and assessment practices for meeting the needs of diverse learners, and dispositions that characterize leaders in the educational community. The Mathematics Education concentration consists of 15 credit hours plus a 3-credit hour elective that focuses on developing STEM education. The program is designed for K-16 teachers wishing to continue their education, students wishing to pursue a Master’s in the area of mathematics education, and students wishing to obtain a Master’s degree in order to continue into a doctoral program.