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Master’s of Science (MSEd) in School Counseling

The School Counseling program has credit-hour and specific course requirements. Courses taken during the first year are primarily theoretical and foundational in nature; those in the second year emphasize supervised experience. Students who have completed courses similar to required courses in the School Counseling program at a CACREP-accredited may not need to duplicate them if these have been taken within the past five years and a satisfactory grade (a “B” or better) was obtained. A statistics class, taken elsewhere, at a 300 level or above, if course content is deemed sufficient by the Purdue advisor, can be brought in to fulfill the statistics requirement. An elective can then be substituted. These course-plan alternations need to be discussed with the program advisor. Please note that only 12 hours of credit taken in a non-degree-seeking status (prior to admission) can be applied. Also, please note that courses taken pass/fail are not acceptable.

As an aid to understand key words used in course titles, these definitions are offered here:

  • Laboratory: A pre-practicum exposure to skills and functions of the counselor
  • Practicum: A supervised counseling experience at a local school
  • Internship: A participatory experience in the work performed in a school setting under the supervision of a qualified school counselor on site and a campus supervisor

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Thesis Option

The C&D master’s programs are designed as non-thesis programs. However, students interested in research and/or further graduate study may elect to complete a thesis. This typically adds 6 credits to the student’s program.