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Master’s of Science (MSEd) in Science Education

The master’s program in Science Education is designed primarily for the continuing preparation of public school teachers. Areas of specialization include:

  • *Earth/Space Science Education
  • Elementary Science Education
  • Biology Education
  • *Chemistry Education
  • Geo-environmental Education
  • General Science
  • *Physics Education

The program is comprised of coursework in curriculum and instruction, science education, and science content. The thesis option requires a minimum of 24 hours of course work and 6 hours of thesis credit. The non-thesis option requires a minimum of 30 hours of course work.

* These programs are subject to our Licensure Disclosure (show/hide)

Area of Emphasis
PhD Related Courses

Science Education Requirements

  • EDCI 51700, Survey of Science Education (3cr.)
  • EDCI 51800, The Nature of Science in Science Teaching (3cr.)
  • EDCI 51000, Research Colloquium in Science Education (1 cr.)

Science Education Elective Requirement

  • Select two courses from:
    • EDCI 50600
    • EDCI 51600
    • EDCI 53900
    • EDCI 55800
    • EDCI 56700
    • EDCI 60500
    • EDCI 61800
    • EDCI 61900
    • EDCI 62000
    • CHM 61000

Science Content Requirement

Depending on prior science coursework and professional experience, at least 6 credits science content

Curriculum and Instruction Foundations

  • EDCI 58500, Multicultural Education
  • C&I Elective (3cr.)

Educational Research Design

  • EDPS 53300, Introduction to Research in Education or equivalent

Science Education Research

  • EDCI 69800, Research MS Thesis (6cr.) or EDCI 59000, Individual Research Problems (3-6 cr.)
  • Competencies Portfolio

*Please note that depending on prior coursework additional courses in EDCI and/or EDPS may be required.