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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Special Education


The mission of the Special Education Doctoral Program at Purdue University is to prepare scholars for faculty positions in higher education. This full time, competency-based program is designed to prepare students to conduct rigorous scientific and applied research, to teach at the university level, and to become leaders who strive to improve educational outcomes and quality of life for individuals with special needs. Our mission is accomplished through challenging coursework, competency-based faculty mentorship, and active student involvement in applied research.

+ Challenging Coursework

+ Competency-Based Faculty Mentorship

+ Active student involvement in applied research

Program Requirements

The Special Education doctoral program includes 45 credits in Special Education coursework, 15 credits in statistics and research design coursework, 9 credits in coursework for a cognate area outside of, but related to Special Education (e.g. educational policy, child development, social justice, etc), and approximately 21 credits in core competencies of research, grant writing, university teaching, and professional engagement.

+ I. Statistics and Research Methods Courses:

+ II. Core Special Education Courses:

+ III. Cognate:

+ IV. Signature Areas: