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Online M.S.Ed. in Learning Design and Technology

Purdue’s online MSEd in Learning Design and Technology provides you with effective strategies and techniques for educating students and training employees. This flexible online program puts you in the driver’s seat with real-world examples and brings you up to speed with the very latest instructional techniques aimed to inspire, excite and enlighten your students.

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Our online faculty are nationally recognized and have the ability to work personally with students to individualize their plan of study to meet personal career interests and goals. These faculty will oversee the intensive practicum and coursework required by the online Learning Design and Technology degree.

Course Details

+ EDCI 51300

+ EDCI 52800

+ EDCI 53100

+ EDCI 55600

+ EDCI 56000

+ EDCI 56400

+ EDCI 56600

+ EDCI 56800

+ EDCI 56900

+ EDCI 57200

+ EDCI 57300

+ EDCI 57500

+ EDCI 57700

+ EDCI 58800

+ EDCI 60001

+ EDCI 60002

+ EDCI 60003

+ EDCI 63300

+ EDCI 67200

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To learn more about the online MSEd in Learning Design and Technology curriculum from Purdue University, including Foundations of Learning Design and Technology, call (877) 497-5851 to speak with an admissions advisor or request more information.