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Interested in the field of education, but not sure you want to become a teacher?

Consider our non-teaching majors. They can prepare you to be a university professor, work in corporate training, or be an education director in a museum.

  • General Education: Curriculum and Instruction (non-licensure)
    Focus on educational leadership in today’s increasingly interconnected and technology-rich world.
  • General Education: Educational Studies (non-licensure)
    Gain a strong background in educational theory, practice and research.
    • View the Plan of Study
    • Careers paths include:
      • Childcare worker
      • Camp counselor
      • Policy maker
      • Researcher
      • Graduate or professional school (e.g., child psychologist, school counselor)
  • Learning Sciences in Educational Studies (non-licensure)(Currently Not Accepting Applications)
    Learn about the science of learning and how to apply it in diverse educational settings and contexts.
    • View the Plan of Study
    • Career paths include:
      • Educational researcher/lab manager
      • Assessment and evaluation
      • Educational programming for museums and informal settings
      • Adult learning
      • Educational publishing