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Why Purdue

Feel at home

The teacher education program offers the best of both worlds: a closeknit college at a larger university. You’ll enjoy the program’s friendly atmosphere while exploring all that our Big 10 University campus has to offer.

Do what you love

Work with real students and increase your confidence in the classroom. In our program, you’ll get classroom experience from your first semester on.

See the world

Learn and teach as you explore different countries and cultures: more than 27 percent of our undergraduates study abroad — more than almost any other college on campus. You’ll gain a global perspective to bring to your future classroom.

Get a job

People love to hire our students because they’re so well-prepared. Purdue teachers are sought out in Indiana and beyond because they know the subjects they’re teaching inside and out. 97.8 percent of our graduates are employed.
(source: Purdue CCO First Destination May Employment Survey)

Make friends

Through education learning communities, first-year students have a great opportunity to make friends, learn the ropes and build a foundation of success at Purdue. The College of Education boasts three learning communities designed to bring education students together through academics, professional development and social activities.

Additionally, the college recommends students interested look into this university-wide learning community that complements the learning outcomes of the Gender and Sexuality Studies curriculum at Purdue University: