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Transitioning from high school to college is a huge and exciting time. Here are some tips to consider as you prepare to start college at Purdue.

Challenge yourself as much as you can

Continue to push yourself academically throughout your high school career will help you prepare for Purdue’s rigorous coursework. Develop the study skills you’ll need to succeed in college and take AP classes, which can help you earn college credit and get ready for Purdue’s challenging coursework.

Make sure that education is right for you

Take every available opportunity to interact with younger students and confirm that you really want to be a teacher. See if you can job-shadow a teacher and spend the day with them to learn what their days are really like. Your area may offer a cadet teaching program — such programs can help you experience the teaching profession and working in a classroom, learn more about education, and interact with teachers and school administrators.

Gaining real-world experience working with younger students can also be helpful. You can work at a Boys and Girls Club or a YMCA, or even be a tutor.