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Student Organizations

Student organizations in the College of Education let you meet people, make changes and join a cause outside the classroom. You can become a College of Education ambassador, join S.E.E.D., or even become a tutor.

Professional Organizations

There are a number of great non-Purdue education organizations that you can also be a part of. View a list of the professional organizations you can join to advance your career.

Explore Learning Communities

Through education learning communities, first-year students have a great opportunity to make friends, learn the ropes and build a foundation of success at Purdue. The College of Education boasts three education-specific learning communities designed to bring education students together through academics, professional development and social activities. Explore the recommended learning communities >

Become a Tutor

You can even become a tutor and use the skills that you’ve learned in class to help local students. Parents and local groups that serve children use our tutoring system to find capable tutors who can help in specific subject areas. Visit the tutoring application to be listed in our directory of tutors.