Greater Lafayette Holocaust Remembrance Conference Educator Workshop

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat its mistakes.” George Santayana (1863-1952)

Greater Lafayette Holocaust Remembrance Conference Educator Workshop

Learning lessons from the past about the risks faced by democratic societies is a key skill of informed citizens. The Ackerman Center has supported the Educator Workshop as part of the Greater Lafayette Holocaust Remembrance Conference (GLHRC) for over 20 years because of the importance of continuing to teach the history of the Holocaust and associated topics in our classrooms. The Educator Workshop supports new teachers as well as those with a great deal of experience and appeals to teachers of many subject areas including English and social studies.

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Past topics include:

  • 2019 Teacher to Teacher: Strengthening Our Teaching of the Holocaust – Stella Schafer, McCutcheon teacher and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Fellow
    • Teacher Resource List from this workshop including book list recommendations from several local teachers at different grade levels
  • 2018 Dialogue Across Difference – Heather Frazier, Facing History and Ourselves, Presenter
  • 2017 Exploring the Treatment of Refugees through Primary Sources – Dr. Elizabeth R. Osborn, IU Center on Representative Government, Presenter

Engel Award

In addition to facilitating the Educator Workshop, the Ackerman Center also participates in the GLHRC Planning Committee and supports the Engel award, which is a small grant program to help teachers fund resources or experiences to support teaching about the Holocaust or related ideas such as cultural diversity and civic engagement. See the GLHRC website for current application materials.

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