Student teams will design a structure made of canned food. The cans must be collected by the students from parents or donors and used to build the structure.
The idea of Canstruction was inspired by a group of New York Architects and Engineers in 1992. These architects introduced Citywide Canstruction Competitions as a way to unite the design, engineering and construction industry.

DesignSTEM Jr. Program

The DesignSTEM Jr. program is an opportunity for undeserved middle school populations in Lafayette to engage in after-school integrated STEM education. Graduate Students enrolled in EDCI 605, Teaching Integrated Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, create and implement integrated STEM lessons with the middle school students. The middle school students visit Purdue’s campus during evening hours to learn STEM content in an informal environment. The lessons span from learning how GPS works to designing musical instruments. The program will be offered again in Spring 2018.

LEARN Purdue

LEARN Purdue (Learning about Energy And ReNEWW) is an opportunity for middle school students to visit Purdue’s campus and RENEWW House. ReNEWW House is a net zero energy and water home and is working to become net zero waste. Lessons about thermal energy have been created to be taught before and after the visit. Students will learn from Whirlpool engineers who are living in the home. The engineers will teach students about the home data collection, induction cooking, green walls, and water usage in the home. Students will have the opportunity to design their own energy efficient home using computer software.

Physics Inside Out

Physics Inside Out is an outreach program co-sponsored by Physics and Astronomy Outreach and CATALYST. The program is for middle school students interested in physics. The students have the opportunity to hear from Purdue physics professors, learn science through inquiry, and tour Purdue facilities where scientific research is being conducted.