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Have you wondered how to become a teacher in Indiana? We have the answer! Purdue University’s Indianapolis STEM Teacher Residency (ISTR) program seeks individuals without extensive teaching experience who possess a strong academic and/or professional background in a STEM field and are interested in pursuing a career in secondary (Grades 5-12) science or mathematics teaching.

If you are a recent graduate from a math or biology major and looking to start your career in a STEM  teaching job, the ISTR program is a great fit for you. If you are wanting to transition your career to teaching in Indiana, the ISTR program can be your next giant leap.

ISTR is a partnership between Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) and Purdue University that aims to strengthen the educational outcomes of students in one of the largest urban school districts in Indiana by preparing culturally competent, highly qualified STEM teachers who will elevate student achievement in middle and high school science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. ISTR candidates will develop enhanced knowledge, skills, and dispositions for integrating engineering and technology design into science, mathematics, and/or computer science instruction through project-based, inquiry-oriented approaches.

Get paid to go to school.

Participants selected for the ISTR program will be provided a stipend ($46,500 in three payments of $15,500 over 18 months) in the form of a forgivable loan to cover full tuition and fee payments plus financial assistance with living expenses. In return for the stipend, participants must commit to a three-year teaching position with IPS.

While participating in the ISTR program, participants will earn an Interdisciplinary Masters of Science in Secondary STEM Education with Initial Licensure while also earning credits for the K-12 Integrated STEM Education Graduate Certificate.

The ISTR program is one of the few online stem programs that pays for the students’ education and offers a job after graduation. Check it out today!

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It takes one small step to start your next giant leap. We look forward to helping you apply for the Indianapolis STEM Teacher Residency program. For more information, please see the Indianapolis STEM Teacher Residency Program Application Instructions.

Program Quick Facts

Format: 100% Online Coursework and In-Person Teaching Residency
Length: Approximately 18-Months
Stipend: $46,500 for tuition and living expenses
Employment: Three-Year Commitment with Indianapolis Public Schools

Request Information

This program leads to an Indiana Instructional Initial Practitioner license. Contact the College of Education Office of Teacher Education and Licensure (OTEL) at if you have questions. 

Program Overview

What is a Teacher Residency Program?

During the STEM teacher residency program, prospective teachers complete graduate-level coursework alongside a year-long fieldwork experience in the school district in which they will be hired. Each ISTR Resident Teacher will partner with an IPS teacher in an IPS science or mathematics classroom during her/his residency. Additionally, ISTR Resident Teachers and their supervisors will test, practice, and refine carefully targeted educational strategies applied to content instruction with real time feedback and reflection. ISTR Resident Teachers will learn to teach science or mathematics content, skills, and practices through the integration of engineering design in culturally and socially relevant ways.

100% online coursework. Purdue quality. Flexible schedule.

Online students participate in the same rigorous academic programs as on-campus students but with a more flexible class schedule. Assignments, discussions, and other coursework are posted each week in the virtual classroom and can be accessed by students at any time.

Begin working as a STEM teacher in 18-months.

Courses are eight weeks long and 100% online. ISTR Resident Teachers will take coursework in spring and summer semesters prior to beginning their residency in an IPS classroom in fall semester. The residency lasts an entire academic year where residents partner with veteran IPS teachers during the residency.

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