COE graduate student Terron Phillips receives Fowler Education Finance Policy Research Grant

Terron Phillips, a Ph.D. student in the College of Education at Purdue University, has been selected to receive the William J. Fowler, Jr. & Patricia R. Fowler Education Finance Policy Research Grant, a prestigious award supporting graduate students focused on applied research for the improvement of education finance and budgeting practice. Funded by the generous contributions of Dr. William and Mrs. Patricia Fowler and administered through the National Education Finance Academy (NEFA) , the award recognizes excellence among emerging education finance and policy scholars.

Phillips received a bachelor’s degree from Holy Cross College and a master’s degree from Louisiana State University, and is currently working towards his doctorate in the Educational Studies Higher Education program in Purdue’s College of Education. His research interests include student retention, persistence, academic and social engagement, financial literacy, and intersectionality.

Phillips’ professional experience includes roles in undergraduate and graduate admissions, as well as student retention. Phillips will receive a $3,000 grant in support of his research in applied education finance. Awards are presented in the year the award is granted, and award recipients will present findings from their completed research during the following year.

Phillips said he will be using this grant to support the second part of his research. “My research includes a two-phase qualitative study,” Phillips explained. “In the first phase, Financial Literacy Programming in Higher Education: What’s There and What’s Missing, I examined the general content, delivery modalities, and undergraduate student participation policies of financial literacy programs offered at 32 of the 100 largest American colleges and universities.”

Findings from the first phase provides a foundation for a second phase that involves a deep examination of the cultural responsivity of financial literacy programming offered at respondent institutions. “The Fowler Grant will be extremely helpful during the data collection and data analysis processes of phase 2,” said Phillips. “This study fits into a larger research arc that focuses on culturally responsive college student retention theory development.”

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