Social justice and diversity are more than research priorities for the college of Education. They are values we hold true and work to embed in all of our endeavors.

Dean’s Vision

Purdue’s College of Education is committed to making our college an equitable and welcoming environment for all. We’re taking steps toward making the college and the campus more welcoming, tolerant and inclusive.

You’ll see that commitment woven throughout our strong academic programs, which embrace diversity and emphasize social justice in education. Our dedication to multicultural experiences is reflected in the international experiences available to students and our efforts to recruit students, faculty and staff members from diverse backgrounds.

Nancy Marchand-Martella
Suzi and Dale Gallagher Dean of Education
College of Education

College of Education Community

Our college attracts students from many backgrounds and offers numerous multicultural experiences to our students to prepare them to become effective teachers in diverse environments. Below are some of the opportunities available to you as a student.


The college’s Office of Diversity Initiatives hosts a variety of programs for current and prospective undergraduates.

Join S.E.E.D. (Students in Education Enhancing Diversity). S.E.E.D. places emphasis on recruiting underrepresented students and creating opportunities for students enrolled in teacher education programs, while promoting mentorship, partnerships and leadership with the Purdue and West Lafayette community.

The college has scholarships available for under-represented minority students. Check with your academic advisor for current information.

Chicago Public Schools – Urban Field Experience

Experience urban education with specialized training with Chicago Public Schools. Visit Chicago Public Schools during Purdue University’s Fall Break to learn more about teaching in urban areas.

Explore Purdue is a full-day campus visit program for minority students interested in Purdue. It’s open to all students in grades 8-11.

At the undergraduate level, we offer courses like Multiculturalism in Education (EDCI 285), Multicultural Education (EDCI 585), and Community Issues and Application for Educators (EDCI 350) to broaden our students’ worldviews and prepare them to teach in a diverse environment.

Speak with a student ambassador about their experience in the College of Education.


Holmes Scholars Program

The AACTE Holmes Scholars Program was established to create equity, diversity and cultural competence in programs of higher education and P-12 schools. Scholars serve a two-year term.

At the graduate level, we offer courses like Counseling Multicultural and Diverse Populations (EDPS 507), Gender and Culture in Science Education (EDCI 618) and Global Issues in Education (EDCI 685), as well as Culture and Cognition (EDPS 510).


The College of Education’s diversity committee was created to advance the college’s mission of promoting diversity, social justice and multiculturalism. The committee fosters opportunities to increase diversity awareness among the college and advises the college on best practices for recruiting and retaining diverse students, faculty and staff.

Committee Members

  • Chair, Alberto Rodriguez, Mary Endres Chair in Elementary Education and professor of science education
  • Tonya Agnew, director of communication
  • Lynn Bryan, professor of science education
  • Floyd Craig, director of diversity initiatives
  • F. Richard Olenchak, professor of educational psychology and research methodology
  • Nielsen Pereira, assistant professor of educational psychology and research methodology
  • Ala Samarapungavan, professor of educational psychology and research methodology
  • Lisa Lambert Snodgrass, assistant professor of educational leadership and policy studies
  • Jacquelyn Thomas-Miller, director of advising and retention
  • Stephanie Zywicki, assistant professor of curriculum studies

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