Dr. Chang receives 2021 Career Contributions Award from National Council on Measurement in Education

 Dr. Hua-Hua Chang, Professor of Educational Psychology and Research Methodology in Purdue University’s College of Education, has received the 2021 Award for Career Contributions from the National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME), a professional organization for individuals involved in assessment, evaluation, testing, and other aspects of educational measurement.

The NCME Career Contributions Award is presented annually to honor educational contributions having a widespread positive impact on the field of educational measurement. Winners receive a monetary award of $3,000. Additionally, there is a plenary award ceremony including an invited presentation by the recipient at the virtual Annual Meeting being held June 8 – June 11.

Dr. Chang’s research has focused primarily on improving educational measurements and he has made numerous pioneering contributions to several areas, such as computerized adaptive testing, cognitive diagnosis modeling, statistically screening potentially biased items, and foundation of item response theory. Dr. Chang indicated that receiving this career award is a great honor to him, which will only encourage him and push him further to expend the methodologies to help learning, e.g., making learning personalized and making class assessment fair for variety of college gateway courses.      

Dr. Chang has made pivotal influences on the field of Education with over 150 chapters, books, encyclopedia entries and referred journal articles that have influenced many scholars in the field.

In addition to his written contributions, Dr. Chang has served as the President of the Psychometric Society (2012-2013), Director of the Confucius Institute of University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, leader of the Psychometric Instructional and Research Laboratory at Purdue University, as the Editor-in-Chief of Applied Psychological Measurement, and as an editorial board member for the Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics and the American Statistician. Dr. Chang has also served as a panel member for National Science Foundation, Institute of Educational Sciences, and other national and international organizations.

As teacher, mentor and adviser, Dr. Chang has 23 years of exceptional ability in and devotion to teaching and mentoring in the field of measurement and quantitative methods, which has benefited numerous young scholars. 

Dr. Chang will donate the $3,000 monetary award to the Educational Psychology Program in the Department of Educational Study to support faculty and grad students’ activities.

Learn more about Dr. Hua-Hua Chang: https://www.education.purdue.edu/faculty-profiles/name/hua-hua-chang/

Learn more about NCME Award for Career Contributions: https://www.ncme.org/awards/career-contribution

Source: Dr. Hua-Hua Chang, chang606@purdue.edu, (765) 494-9625

Writer: Kathryn Elisabeth Cockerill, kcockeri@purdue.edu