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Photo of Brenda Downing

Contact Steven C. Beering Hall of Liberal Arts and Education 100 N. University Street West Lafayette, Indiana 47907-2098 BRNG 5110 Phone: (765) 496-2354

Brenda Downing

Continuing Lecturer Educational Psychology & Research MethodologyEducational Studies

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As a member of Purdue’s second cohort of IMPACT faculty fellows, Brenda transformed a traditional undergraduate first-year study skills course into a team-based learning experience focused on student application of evidence based cognitive science, growth in the affective domain, and self-regulation practice. Brenda conducted, with Purdue’s Director of Undergraduate Advising, a pilot study which demonstrated a link between study skills course enrollment and retention and persistence benefits for students entering with pre-enrollment risk indicators. Current project involvement includes a study to investigate the effectiveness of Pattern (a Purdue developed study behavior tracking app) recommendations, as well as messages of openness to changing behavior or co-curricular involvement, on student self-reported study behaviors.

Brenda’s interest in student success began during her time at Eastern Virginia Medical School’s Behavioral Medicine Clinic where she worked in biofeedback, assisted with research and implemented educational experiences for faculty and medical students. Brenda has also taught a variety of undergraduate psychology courses.

First-year experience, undergraduate study skills, team-based learning, pilot study with Purdue undergraduate advising on effectiveness of study skills course and Pattern (Purdue-developed study behavior tracking app), and messages of openness and co-curricular involvement as related to self-reported study behaviors.

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