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Work Steven C. Beering Hall of Liberal Arts and Education 100 N. University Street West Lafayette Indiana 47907-2098 BRNG 4166 Work Phone: (765) 494-2357

Elizabeth Suazo-Flores

Research Associate for CATALYST and Curriculum & Instruction Mathematics EducationCurriculum and Instruction

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I am a mathematics teacher educator who is interested in learning about different ways people know and teach mathematics. In my dissertation study, I explored the area of teachers’ practical knowledge (Elbaz, 1981) using narrative inquiry methodology (Clandinin & Connelly, 2000). Learning about the role of practical knowledge took me to be interested in the teaching of teaching mathematics and collaborate with researchers from other disciplines. I also explored learners’ ways of knowing mathematics in activities defined as landscapes of investigations (Skovsmose, 2001). Some research questions I am interested in exploring are: How do teachers build from their experiences to teach mathematics? In what ways do people bring mathematics to landscapes of investigations? In what ways do mathematics education researchers engage in interdisciplinary collaborations?

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