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Work Lyles-Porter Hall 715 Clinic Drive West Lafayette, Indiana 47907 LYLE 3160 Work Phone: (765) 494-2462

Oliver Wendt

Assistant Professor Special EducationEducational Studies

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Oliver is an Assistant Professor of special education whose research interests are in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) including the efficacy of AAC strategies, graphic symbols, manual signs, Picture Exchange Communication System, and speech-generating devices for those individuals on the autism spectrum that present with little or no functional speech. Another strand of research focuses on the iconicity of graphic symbols, in particular multicultural and cross-linguistic aspects of graphic symbol acquisition. Dr. Wendt specializes in single-subject experimental designs in addition to systematic reviews and meta-analyses of single-subject and group design data.

Dr. Wendt is co-founder of an AAC software company by the name of SPEAK MODalities LLC, which is dedicated to providing the best evidence-based AAC solutions for developing communication, speech, and language skills in individuals with autism and/or severe communication disorders. The following video link shows some of the innovative technologies developed through the partnership between Dr. Wendt’s AAC research lab and SPEAK MODalities.

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