Secil Caskurlu

Visiting Assistant Professor Learning Design & TechnologyCurriculum and Instruction

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Secil Caskurlu is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Learning Design and Technology program area of Curriculum and Instruction. Her main research interest focuses on the design, development and evaluation of meaningful (online) learning experiences to promote learning outcomes and process. She is particularly interested in the factors that impact student outcomes (e.g., satisfaction, perceived learning, and actual learning), and how to make use of them during the design, development and evaluation phases. Her second research interest focuses on the application of learning principles derived from cognitive science to online teaching and learning, and their impacts on student outcomes. Finally, her third research interest focuses on the application of systematic reviews in educational research, specifically the quality of reporting practices of systematic reviews. Secil has also been teaching face-to-face, online, and blended courses with a focus on online teaching and learning, instructional design, instructional strategies, instructional designer competencies, topics in instructional design and technology, and research and issues in instructional design. Besides research and teaching experiences, Secil has instructional design and consultation experience in online teaching and learning, and competency-based education for the last seven years. Finally, she has received awards related to research and practice (e.g., the AECT Division of Distance Learning Best Practice Award [2019], AERA SIG Online Teaching Learning Paper of The Year Award [2017], AERA SIG Design and Technology Outstanding Research Presentation Award [2016], AECT Organizational Training and Performance Division Best Concurrent Presentation Award [(2015]).

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