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SungAe Kim

PhD Student Curriculum & Instruction

– Profile

SungAe Kim is a PhD student in literacy and language education at Purdue University. Her research interests revolve around bilingual and biliteracy education specifically including translanguaging/translingual practices in language teaching and learning in both international (EFL) and national (ESL) contexts. She is currently writing a dissertation focusing on emergent bilinguals’ bilingual and biliteracy development through literacy practices within different contexts. Her work as a graduate student has been in line with the aforementioned topics.

Previously, she has taught pre- and in-service teachers a topic related to linguistic and cultural diverse students in the United States and had taught college and high school students English test preparation courses and courses for English Specific Purposes in South Korea beforehand. Currently, she has been preparing publications related to ELs’ teaching practices and their literacy (reading/writing) development.

Additionally, she has presented in various internationally, nationally, and regionally oriented venues on the same topics such as international TESOL, AERA, KAERA (Korean AERA), INTESOL, MWALT, etc. In addition to scholarly work, she has an extensive background in community engagement such as working at the Korean Heritage Language school, volunteering at the local elementary and high schools. During 2018-2019, she has successfully earned Dean’s doctoral scholarship to support her dissertation and research.

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