GER2I provides resources for gifted students to succeed

Executive Director Dr. Marcia Gentry provides leadership for the Gifted Education Research & Resource Institute’s mission

Dr. Marcia Gentry, Professor of Gifted, Talented, and Creative Studies in the Department of Educational Studies, is Executive Director of the Gifted Education Research & Resource Institute (GER2I), a position she has held since 2008. In that time, she has provided gifted students with the necessary resources to be successful and reach their full potential. GER2I is an innovative center dedicated to the discovery, study, and development of human potential.

Founded by John Feldhusen in 1977, GER2I’s mission is to support the holistic development of giftedness, creativity, and talents among individuals throughout their lifespan. Those in GER2I are able to do this by providing enrichment programs for gifted, creative, and talented youth; graduate programs for future scholars and leaders; professional development and coursework for educators of gifted, creative, and talented students and cutting-edge research in psychology and education related to giftedness, creativity, and talent development.

Before coming to Purdue, Dr. Gentry taught middle-school science and math in Michigan where she established a gifted services program in her school. From that experience, Dr. Gentry was offered the opportunity to coordinate gifted programs for a regional service center in Michigan. During this time, Dr. Gentry attended a conference called Confratute, where she decided to earn her Ph.D. and continue her work in the field of gifted, creative, and talented education.

Dr. Gentry has been awarded millions of dollars supporting her research, which concentrates on cluster grouping and differentiation; the application of gifted education pedagogy to improve teaching and learning; and underserved populations. Dr. Gentry works with graduate and undergraduate students to foster meaningful relationships with students from all over the country. Some examples of her research include Access Denied/System Failure, Total School Cluster Grouping and Native American Research Initiative.

Dr. Gentry attended the University of Western Michigan and received a B.S. in Science and Elementary Education, and M.S. in Reading Curriculum. She then earned a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, Gifted Education and Talent Development from the University of Connecticut.

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GER2I is an innovative center dedicated to the discovery, study, and development of human potential. Learn more:

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